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Saint Petersburg

NCB’s Saint Petersburg branch commenced its operation in March 2004. The branch broadly and actively uses electronic declaring, allowing to submit customs declarations to any customs point in Russia’s North-West Customs Administration, including excise posts, and to shorten the time required for customs clearance down to 3-5 hours.

More than 40 high-skilled and experienced specialists are currently on the branch staff. The branch delivers customs brokerage service in a wide area of cargoes, including excisable, and all types of transport – sea, motor, air or rail. 

196084, Saint Petersburg, Tsvetochnaya street, bldg. 25 A, office 411-412
Phone: +7 (812) 363-3827 (-28, -29, -30, -31, 32), 363-25-06 (-07)

Head of Saint-Petersburg Branch - Kvach Alla

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