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Customs Clearance

National Customs Broker LLC carries out the full cycle of operations associated with cargo declaring, represents the customer in customs bodies and attends to customs clearance process.

Our services in the area of customs clearance include:

Examination and assessment of commercial and transit papers as to their conformance to Russian customs code, possible risks evaluation;
Serving as a customers representative in customs bodies;
Assigning to each customer its own key account manager;
Utilization of electronic declaring system, allowing to file a cargo declaration from any point throughout Russia;
Simplified customs clearance procedures, giving opportunities to save time and cost for bona fide foreign trade companies;
Short term loans ("customs card").

To curtail the time losses associated with cargo clearance we are ready to assist in obtaining licenses, certificates, permits and other documents required for customs declaration.

National Customs Broker LLC delivers customs brokerage services in respect of all kinds of cargoes, main lines being excisable goods, furniture, home appliances and consumer electronics, industrial equipment, pharmaceuticals, foodstuff.

To order customs brokerage services, please contact:
Khrushchak Igor - Head of Customer Services Administration
Phone (495) 926-33-12 ext. 3301

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