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Cargo Operations

TEK Cargo Trans LLC (TEK)offers its customers a full range of bonded warehousing services. TEK holds 8 licenses for bonded warehouses (4 temporary storage warehouses, TSW; 4 customs warehouses, CW, intended for longer storage terms than TSW). Public warehousing and consulting services in the area of warehouse logistics optimization are also offered.

Bonded Warehousing

The main prerequisite for the fast and efficient bonded warehousing operations is the skilled personnel and up-to-date information technologies. TEK Cargo Trans utilizes the software products recommended by Russian Federal Customs Service and designed especially for bonded warehouses. They provide for fast and accurate stocktaking, documents and reports preparation, control over bonded storage terms.

Cargo Processing

All of "TEK Cargo Trans" warehouses are A-grade, in-rack storage, equipped with modern machinery, instruments, temperature and humidity control as well as round-the clock security and video surveillance. Repacking, order picking and crossdocking services are available. All the incoming goods are checked for integrity and conformity with transit papers; in case of any discrepancies the customer is promptly notified.

Warehouse Infrastructure

Bonded warehouse premises are subdivided into lading-unlading, customs examination and rack storage areas. Rack systems are made in Belgium and warehouse equipment in Germany.
Modern technologies utilization allows for the minimum delays and provides the highest quality of cargo processing. As a result, the high level of service for foreign trade companies is achieved, and cargo damage is excluded.
Warehouses are equipped with X-ray examination systems allowing to make physical examinations less frequent and thus to speed up customs clearance process.
Cargo movement and placement is monitored by a fully automated warehouse management system (WMS) ensuring the fastest cargo processing rate from receiving to shipping.
All the cargo being stored at our warehouses is fully insured.

TEK Cargo Trans bonded warehouses in Moscow region:

Branch TSW area Parking space in customs control zone CW area: Parking space (outside the customs control zone)
Kriokshino 3160.5 m? (4 482 pallets) 4500 ? (32 trucks) 544.8 m? (1020 pallets) 9 650 m? (62 trucks)
Khimki 4 081 m? (4 034pallets) 2 900 ? (47 trucks) 323,5 m? (702 pallets) 25 362 m? (110 trucks)


4276 m? (5 694 pallets) 3 557,5,5 ? (39 trucks) 515,2 m? (820 pallets) 12 926,4 m? (94 trucks)

To order bonded warehousing services, please contact:
Khrushchak Igor - Head of Customer Services Administration
Phone (495) 926-33-12 ext. 3301

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